Archaeological sites in Morocco

An archaeological site in Morocco is a place where evidence of activities from the historical past, whether prehistoric or not, have been preserved and can now be visited as one of the best tourist attractions in Morocco.

These historical sites in morocco are connected to the place where artifacts, buildings, castles, a ksar, or other evidence of human activities, are or have been conserved. The best acknowledged archaeological sites correspond to ancient cities, temples, cemeteries, and tombs buried in various regions of Morocco. Also, there are nine UNESCO sites in Morocco.

Morocco has an interesting list of such archaeological sites spread a bit around the country. From Phonecian ruins to Roman cities, from prehistoric caves to dinosaur excavations, Morocco also surprises with a vast rock art heritage in the southern regions.

Interestingly, Tafoughalt Cave is the oldest cemetery in Africa. The also called Grotte des Pigeons is a rich source for archaeologists as modern humans left behind evidence of their visits to the cave over at least 100,000 years.

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Morocco Archaeological sites: Agouz Castle, Aljazira Tower, Basbel Castle, Bou Jerif Fort, Chellah Necropolis, Iulia Valentia Banasa Roman City, Jbel Adad Rock Art, Kantira, Ksar es-Seghir Castle, Lixus City, Mirleft Fort, Msoura Cromlech, Tafoughalt Cave, Thamusida Roman Port, Thazouda Tower, Tinmel Mosque, and the Archaeological Site of Volubilis.

Best Archaeological sites in Morocco

  1. The territory of Morocco is punctuated with historical sites where archaeological campaigns have been carried out.
  2. There is an excellent variety in the origins of these places: some are entirely Islamic, while others combine different levels of occupation.
  3. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Romans had a strong presence here and left their marks.
  4. Archaeological Sites in Morocco are dating from Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Prehistory. Most can be visited easily.