Beaches in Morocco

The beaches in Morocco are many and extend over thousands of kilometers of astonishing coastline. There are many things to visit in Morocco, but traveling around the country encompasses mountains, deserts, imperial cities, archeological sites, and the Moroccan coast with many beaches. The best beaches in Morocco are spread over the Mediterranean coast and the Atlantic coast.

Morocco beaches enjoy a privileged position with a coastline of more than 3416 km, which opens from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Morocco beach resorts are mainly around Agadir, Essaouira, Taghazout, Cabo Negro, Martil, Tangier, Casablanca, Al Hoceima, Asilah, Tamyda Bay, Dalia, Oualidia, Dakhla, and Saidia.

Morocco is a country in North Africa between Algeria and Mauritania. It is one of only three nations in the world (along with Spain and France) that has both Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts.

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Morocco beaches: Agadir beach, Beddouza beach, Saidia beach, Dakhla beach, Tamuda beach, Essaouira beach, Taghazout beach, Aglou beach, Tamri beach, Oasiria Park Marrakech, Safi beach, Imsouane beach, Sidi Kaouki beach, Thmadhet beach, Cha’abi beach, Legzira beach, Cara Blanca beach, Tan-Tan beach, Plage Blanche beach, Oualidia beach.

Best Beaches in Morocco

  1. With a coastline of 3,400 km, Morocco has a large number of excellent beaches.
  2. On the Atlantic coast, with frequent winds, there are perfect conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing.
  3. In the north, there are Mediterranean beaches, where the water is warmer and calm.
  4. There are beaches next to beautiful fishing villages and historic towns, while others are remote and wild.