The Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Map of Morocco with best places to visit in Morocco

Hello how are you? I’m Omar, and I’m here to write about the best places to visit in Morocco and tell you how a fantastic trip is waiting for those who visit Morocco.

This north African country is home to an exciting culture, millenary history, and vast and diverse nature.

Morocco is the 39th biggest country in the world, with an area of more than 700.000 km2.

This geographical factor, allied to a history span of more than 2000, made Morocco tourist attractions vast and spread worldwide.

On this page, I will list what I consider to be the top attractions in Morocco, and the best time to visit them.

First, let’s learn the names of all the 12 regions of Morocco:

  1. Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region
  2. Oriental Region
  3. Fès-Meknès Region
  4. Rabat-Salé-Kénitra Region
  5. Béni Mellal-Khénifra Region
  6. Casablanca-Settat Region
  7. Marrakech-Safi Region
  8. Drâa-Tafilalet Region
  9. Souss-Massa Region
  10. Guelmim-Oued Noun Region
  11. Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra Region
  12. Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab Region

Are you ready now? Come with me…

21 Best Morocco tourist attractions






Cedar Trees

Dragon Trees

Palm Trees

Argan Trees





Red cities

White cities

Blue cities

Yellow cities

Mud cities

Stone cities

Castle cities

Modern cities

How to visit Morocco – Where to go

1. Some of the best places to visit in Morocco are along the Atlantic Coast and the Mediterranean Coast. Yes, the Moroccan coast has more than 3416 km and offers many lovely beaches in Morocco. For those who love beach summer holidays, the best time to visit Morocco is during April, May, June, July, August, September, and October.

2. For those who search for adventure holidays, the best things to do in Morroco are definitely in its vast desert areas. Morocco attractions for Sahara Desert lovers are mainly in Merzouga desert, Zagora desert, Agafay desert, and Mhamid desert. The best time of year to visit Morocco’s deserts is NOT during the summer, as temperatures can rise to 51, yet it will be yearly pleasant from September to May.

3. For history and archeology lovers, there are many archaeological sites in Morocco, from Phonecian ruins to ancient Carthaginian and Roman cities, from prehistoric caves to dinosaur excavations, Morocco also amazes with a large rock art heritage in the southern regions.

The best places in Morocco for ruins are the Chellah necropolis; the Roman city of Iulia Valentia Banasa; the Ksar es-Seghir castle; the Carthaginian and Roman city of Lixus; the stone circle and cromlech of Msoura; the Tafoughalt Cave; the Carthaginian and Roman river port of Thamusida; and the UNESCO Morocco site of Volubilis

Interestingly, Tafoughalt Cave is the oldest cemetery in Africa. The also called Grotte des Pigeons is a rich source for archaeologists as modern humans left behind evidence of their visits to the cave over at least 100,000 years.

4. For those in search of Middle age past and a rich history evoking ancient kingdoms, they can visit the fascinating four Imperial Cities of Morocco. Fez, Marrakech, Rabat, and Meknes will delight those searching for the exotic atmosphere of the medinas in Morocco. These four destinations are among the best cities to visit in Morocco.

Other famous cities in Morocco are Essaouira, Casablanca, Tangier, Chefchaouen, Asilah, Ouarzazate, Tetouan, and El Jadida. If you’re more of an urban person, you must consider that the best time to travel to Morocco might depend on your destination. The weather for Chefchaouen in the northern part of the country will not be the same as in Ouarzazate, the gate of the Sahara desert.

If you’re planning your holidays in Morocco, don’t forget to schedule your trip to Morocco with us. You can also read about our exciting day trips from Marrakech, an unforgettable tour from Marrakech to Fes, or a desert trip from Marrakech. Don’t forget, your best places to visit in Morocco bucket list can’t be completed without one of my unforgettable Marrakech desert tours. Check them out.

5. The fantastic National parks in Morocco are a calm refuge for those who want to escape the big city noises and rush atmosphere. Toubkal National Park, Talassemtane National Park, Khenifiss National Park, and Ifrane National Park will delight those in search of Ecotourism in Morocco. Also essential is to mention the beauty of Ouzoud falls and Akchour falls. We advise that the best time to go to Morocco if you want to visit nature cannot be during the winter, as most of the country is covered with snow.

6. Morocco attractions continue to amaze as you can indulge in the southern route of the 1000’s kasbahs. The best-known kasbahs in Morocco are kasbah Telouet, kasbah Taourirt, kasbah Boulaouane, kasbah Mehdia, and kasbah of the Udayas in Rabat.

7. The list of things to see in Morocco is not finished yet. There are nine World Heritage sites in Morocco. These exquisite sites spread all over the country with historic cities and natural areas of unprecedented interest. The best month to visit Morocco for these UNESCO destinations is from October until late May. The UNESCO sites in Morocco are the Volubilis Roman city, the Meknes medina, the Ksar Ait Benhaddou, the Essaouira medina, the Fes medina, the medina Marrakech, the Tetouan medina, the El Jadida medina, and Rabat medina.

Best places to visit in Morocco

  1. Asilah – If you love to experience summertime holidays while enjoying the beaches in Morocco, then Asilah must be the first destination to come in your mind, because of its stunning and photogenic seaside views. Try to make your trip during August during the annual arts festival held every year.
  2. Casablanca – the best of the Moroccan cities if you like the mix of the French colonial architecture mixed with Arab design. The most famous sight of Casablanca is the Hassan II Mosque, where you can get your ticket and have a guided tour around the building.
  3. Chefchaouen – The famous blue city of Morocco delights those who enjoy peculiar and photogenic places. You will enjoy walking in the peaceful alleys of Chefchaouen as there are many cafes in the old town where you can take rest and drink a Moroccan mint tea. Chefchaouen is on the top list of best places to visit in Morocco.
  4. Erg Chebbi dunes – Enjoy Merzouga desert while you overnight in one of those lovely luxury desert camps. Enjoy the bonfire and local music along with the cold breeze and admirable climate after a camel ride. Furthermore, don’t miss waking up early for sunrise. 
  5. Essaouira – Here, you will witness the exotic views of the Moroccan Atlantic coast. Medina Essaouira is a World Heritage site and among the most beautiful cities in the country. Visit the ramparts, the markets, or even horse ride on the beach.
  6. High Atlas Mountains – Be ready trekkers, because this mountain offers a broad opportunity of trekking possibilities. Book your trekking in Morocco excursion to reach the tallest peak in North Africa, the Jbel Toubkal.
  7. Meknes – One of the Imperial Cities of Morocco, Meknes, has quite a few monuments worth visiting. In the region around Meknes, don’t forget to visit the archaeological site in Morocco, the Romans city of Volubilis, and the fantastic holy town of Moulay Idriss.
  8. Marrakech – Visit the old souks and explore medina Marrakech. The “red city” is Morocco’s tourism capital, with several monuments with hundreds of years spanning different Morocco dynasties that will delight history lovers. Marrakech’s most famous sights are its famous souks, the Jemaa El Fnaa Square, the Koutoubia Mosque (the largest mosque in Marrakech), the Bahia Palace, and the Ben Youssef Madrasa. Marrakech is probably on the number one for the best places to visit in Morocco.
  9. Rabat – The capital of Morocco is where you can visit the famous Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Rabat has plenty of monuments and attractions to visit, and the city is an excellent example of a UNESCO Morocco site. Don’t miss out on the Chellah Necropolis and the exotic Kasbah of the Udayas.
  10. Safi – This coastal city is known for its beautiful beaches and friendly people. Safi pottery is appreciated nationally, and you can visit the fascinating National Museum of Ceramics. Don’t miss out on the 16th-century Portuguese built fortress with scenic views of the ocean.
  11. Taroudant – This is a great place to check out the handmade jewelry, carpets, and crafts. You can connect with the local people here and visit the city’s famous markets. Taroudant ramparts and the old medina make a pleasant half-day exploration.

Is December the best time to travel to Morocco?

December is the perfect time to visit this northern African country. The primary reason behind this is that in winter, the beauty of Morocco is highly appreciated due to its colors and nice mild weather.

Morocco attractions look more beautiful during this season as the skies are so blue and almost without any clouds.

Also, many tourists cherished a slightly cold atmosphere due to the continuous drop of temperature in contrast to the summer months.

Morocco is an adequate holiday shelter for the perfect winter escape. The hottest places in Morocco, such as the Sahara Desert, turn in to a balanced, cool environment. That is why December is considered as the perfect time to visit Morocco.

December in Morocco is cold if you want to visit the Atlas Mountains. We suggest you put warm clothes in your bags because you will get low temperatures and snow in some areas. If you’re planning your holidays in Morocco during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, this is the golden opportunity for you.

Apart from being a good season to explore the best places to visit in Morocco, the country is in the cheapest time during their festive season. Substantial discounts in shops and restaurants will make you enjoy going shopping.

Don’t miss the fantastic events held every winter in Morocco:

  1. New Year Eve in the Sahara – December 31st is the happiest night in the Moroccan desert. Book your tour in Morocco during new year’s eve and participate in a fantastic party with music, dance, and tasty food along with happy people.
  2. Marrakech International Film Festival – This event is the best source to showcase new talents. Famous film actors are invited to join this event, and you can see them exploring the old city during this time.
  3. Tan Tan Moussem – This is the traditional event where different tribes of Morocco gathered and celebrated traditional nomad culture. The activities they perform are camel trading, nomad games, competitions, music, and folklore dance.

Is January the best time to go to Morocco?

  • Although every month is the best to visit Morocco in its way, it doesn’t matter the time of the year your planning your trip. What matters is the beauty of this fantastic destination that remains the same during the whole year (obviously unless if you’re scheduling to visit the Sahara Desert during the summer months). But if we talk about climate, then Morocco is a hot country, so most of the year, you will feel the warm temperature of northern Africa. That is why many visitors prefer to visit Morocco during the winter because of the milder temperature.

Visiting Morocco in Ramadan

Let’s be straightforward and the most direct possible. Best places to visit in Morocco are not fully accessible or not fully working during Ramadan time. Whatever you read around the internet, the fact is that during Ramadan the country is not even working at a 50% rate.

Many monuments and tourist facilities are closed, restaurants and cafés will be closed during the whole day, and your Moroccan experience will not be entirely pleasant. Of course, if this is the only time of the year you can come, then, yes, Morocco will try its best to give you the best time possible!

What happens during Ramadan in Morocco?

  1. People stay awake until dawn to have their last meal before sunrise (where they have to stop eating);
  2. People will then sleep during the morning because they stayed up late;
  3. No one can eat or drink in public;
  4. Cities are mostly empty during the day;
  5. Before sunset people start to leave their homes and streets get packed with local people;
  6. From 4 pm until sunset, many small street stands sell food, bread, local pastries, fresh juice, and fruits, preparing the upcoming Iftar meal;
  7. All restaurants will be closed during the day until sunset where they will be ready to serve Iftar meal;
  8. Some touristic restaurants will serve meals in “menu” mode: salad + main dish + fruit. Price ranges from 1000 to 150 dirhams per person;
  9. Banks, post offices and all Government institutions will be fully working just with a slightly different speed and possibly a different timetable;
  10. Many buses and grand taxi services are rescheduled;
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